Nigeria Apiculture Platform (NAP) Minutes Of The Meeting Held On 20th January 2018


The first Exco meeting of 2018 started at 10:40 a.m. with a prayer said by the Chairman of the Platform Pastor Fatai Adeshina

Agenda for the meeting was read out by the Chairman and reviewed. Mrs Obianuju Okpo moved for the adoption of the agenda without any amendment and was seconded by the Chairman.

The Chairman welcomed the Exco Members back from the Yuletide holiday. He reminded the house of the many projects ahead of us this year. He spoke about making sacrifices for the good of the industry and mankind. He elaborated on the benefits of making sacrifices. “Sacrifice begets satisfaction, economic growth, increased income, social return, and ultimately goes into the future and returns with favourable multiplying effects”.

He reminded the house of the mandate of the Platform and the influence of E.U/AU/IBAR in initiating Projects for Africa’s Apiculture Industry development; And the wisdom of The Honourable Minister of Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development who found it necessary to Register the Platform as a vehicle to developing the sector. At this point, he made a formal presentation of the CAC Certificate of Incorporation of Nigeria Apiculture Platform (NAP) to the house.There was clapping and standing ovation in Thanksgiving to ALL that facilitated the registration.

The Chairman at this time stressed that we MUST take advantage of this opportunity to “change the face of the sector” as we nurture the existing players, woo solo players into the formal fold, while opening our doors to attract willing participants for the growth of the sector.

The chairman gave some highlight on the communique of the last general assembly of the Africa Apiculture Platform (AAP) which was held in Nairobi Kenya in December 2017 and which calls for immediate actions by the Nigeria Apiculture Platform (NAP).

He stated that this general assembly coincided with the African Union summit taking place in Nairobi simultaneously.

The communique focused on the restructuring that must take place in the sector for the sustainability of AAP.

145 Stakeholder delegates across 52-African Union Member states (which included 2 from Nigeria, RECs: ECOWAS, ECCAS, IGAD, EAC, COMESA and SADC) were in attendance.

Partners in attendance include: Icipe, Api-Trade Africa and Apimondia. While African Union was represented by the Commissioner of Rural Economy and Agriculture of African Union Commission (AUC), the Director of AU-IBAR, the Chief of Animal Production AU-IBAR and African Standardization Organization (ARSO)

The chairman further stated that 42 countries in Africa have so far launched their National Apiculture Platforms, while the remaining countries will launch theirs within the first quarter of 2018.

As part of the restructuring agenda in the continent’s Apicultural sector, All National Apiculture Platforms is to commence with audit exercise that will enhance support for the sustainability of national and continental platforms.

The following information that will give credibility to the National Platforms at the continental AAP will include the following information:



  • The number of beekeepers
  • The number of traditional, Kenyan, modern, and other bee hives in use
  • Estimated quantity (weight) of honey production in a year
  • Estimated quantity of export honey in a year
  • Estimated quantity of honey production per capita
  • Per capita consumption of Honey



  • Value of investment in beekeeping sector
  • Value of direct bee products
  • Value of indirect production
  • Working capital in beekeeping industry



  • Honey packaging factories
  • Hive Producing factories
  • Wax processing and foundation production factories
  • Beekeeping making accessories factories
  • Production of food substitutes and supplements factories



  • Honey Bee department in Ministry of Agriculture
  • Honey bee research center in Ministry of Agriculture
  • Honey bee related Associations
  • Beekeepers Cooperatives
  • Institute for quality control of honey bee products
  • Other related bodies

The above will enhance the participation of National Platforms’ in continental projects and research works that will be advertised through AU-IBAR from time to time to allow stake holders across the value chain to participate in and enumerated accordingly.

To this end, NAP is to commence forthwith, exercise towards having  documentation along the above criteria.

On this note, members agreed on the following:

  • An update NAP website and the need to “keep it active”. Member noted the renewal made by the chairman and payment of renewal annual cost fee of Twenty-Five Thousand Naira (N25,000.00) for the current year.
  • The house agreed that our Certification of Registration be uploaded on the site.
  • Need to commence registrations that will facilitate the documentation related to the requirements of AAP

Members made suggestions on the issue of Membership Registration to the platform. Mrs Obianuju Okpo suggested that we should have five categories of membership and suggested the following:


S/NO Category Registration Fee


Annual dues


1 Associations, Cooperatives, Organizations, Corporations 50,000 30,000
2 NGOS, CSOS, Academia,

Research, Institutions

30,000 20,000
3 Individual 20,000.00 10,000
4 Student 5,000.00 3000


After further deliberation, consideration and review of similar platforms on Registration, the Chairman appealed that charges be moderate in order to draw members. The house then passed a resolution on Registration accordingly:

  1. There shall be four (4) categories of membership
  2. The categories shall extend Full, Associate, Individual, and Student memberships. (see Appendix 1 for clarification)
  • Membership shall be extended upon full compliance to application guidelines stipulated. (see appendix 1)
  1. Only Full and Associate members shall have voting Rights (see Appendix 1 for assignment of voting rights)
  2. Each Full membership shall have two additional AGM participation passes for their members, however, no voting rights for the additional members; And Associate members shall have one pass only to the AGM participatory capacity and one voting right.
  3. Individuals and Students are encouraged to attend AGMs, but in observatory capacity and NO voting rights.
  • The portal for registration shall be opened on the 1st of February, 2018 for registration of members.
  • Application shall be completed on line, while payment shall be made at the Bank and copy of payment Teller sent to the Secretariat via email.
  1. Registration numbers shall be five digits, Hives numbers-six digits, and Processor numbers – four digits.
  2. Secretariat shall be hiring an Office Manager who is to coordinate the day to day affairs of the Platform at a salary of Thirty-five Thousand Naira (N35,000.00) a month at this time.

The Chairman further stated that NAP Chat forum will only include registered members and will be upgraded from time to time with additional entries for real time information updates.

It was further agreed that only registered entities will have the opportunity to participate in projects that NAP engages in their given categories.

The Chairman informed the house about the opening of Naira and USD Domiciliary Accounts with Zenith Bank for the ease of our doing business as agreed and resolved during the last extraordinary meeting of the Exco in December, 2017.

On Apiexpo, the chairman stepped down plans until middle of March, 2018 in other to allow for registration of members to advance.


Mrs Okpo suggested that the house adopt the hiring of an adhoc Secretary on our meeting days to write our minutes. She stated that the house has not received the minutes of the last four previous meetings and cannot continue functioning like that. It was also suggested that an extraordinary General Assembly be scheduled to coincide with the “Flag off” of Apiexpo Africa 2018 and Letters of introduction be sent to some Development Partners. A list of some of our target Development Partners were compiled with a mandate to the Chairman to make contact with them. The Secretary will review such mails with the Chairman pre-dispatch.

The Secretary Dr. Onjewu informed the house about the letter of invitation to attend a Bee congress from CEBRAD. It was agreed that that due to funding problems, that the house will not be able to sponsor any one to the congress, however, it encouraged Stakeholders to attend.

The meeting came to an end with Mrs Okpo moving the motion to end the meeting, and Dr. Onjewu seconding the motion. The closing prayer was said by Dr. Onjewu. The meeting came to an end at 2:13pm.


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